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Kamboola-Yoga "Reverse" with Ishrafa?

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Hi Ernst,

when there is ithasala-yoga and the moon joins either or both of the ithasala-yoga forming planets, this gives kamboola-yoga. As the moon boosts the effects of the yoga, you say in that course, this may show the most important events of the year.

Now I have the opposite: two planets in ishrafa-yoga and the moon in ishrafa with both of them as well. So does this form some kind of adverse kamboola-yoga, boosting the ill effect of the ishrafa-yoga?

One of them is the Varsha Lagna pada (Me), the other Jupiter (L7, 10 in VP, 5, 8 in Rasi). (Mean tropical year). It was in Ju-Lg (Patyayini), when the flood completely destroyed my office. So I am tempted to examine this further.

Best Christian

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Ernst Wilhelm
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The Moon shows what impresses most upon us, the more important event to  us. So yes, if they are all in ishrafa, its an ishrafa type event. Ishrafa mostly shows an event that is based on a past event, so not a new event as does the ithasala. If can show both good and bad events, just as can an ithasala.