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Danya Parivartan Yoga between 8th and 10th House

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Hi Forum,

in the tropical ayanamsa I am an Aries Ascendant with 8th Lord Mars and 10th lord Saturn exchanging signs.

Ernst was right with his statement. I have a lot of issues and ups and downs regards my career. Very unstable and chaotic.

But to be honest...I don't like the deterministic approach. In a way, this is what I did to myself. Because of my psyche and the decisions I made.

So what would be the remedies for that placement? Being more stable in my career? Use 8th House Topics in my Career to use that energy in a productive way, that I do not break my career all the time? Like becoming a transformational/psychological coach or any other 8th house related topic?

Ernst tells me many times how difficult and screwed this placement is, but I dont want to blame my chart for my future and use it in an constructive way.

- David

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Ernst Wilhelm
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The best thing is to focus on improving any troubling lajjitaadi avasthas of those planets so that they will deliver the productive parts of the 8th. 

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@ernst Thank you very much Ernst. I will go back and study how to improve the lajjitaadi avashtas of saturn and mars in my chart.