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Named Yogas

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Hi Ernst and all,

For yogas like Virinchi and Brahma Yogas several factors are required to meet the yoga.

Virinchi Yoga is - Jupiter, the 5th lord and Saturn in angles or trines and in own, friendly or exaltation rasis.

My questions is: If Ju or Sa also rule the 5th, while meeting the other requirements of this yoga, would Virinchi Yoga still be in effect? 

Brahma Yoga is - Jupiter in an angle from the 9th lord, Venus in an angle from the 11th lord, and Mercury in an angle from the lagna lord or 10th lord.

What if Ju is the 9th lord or Ve is the 11th lord, would this yoga still be in effect?

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Ernst Wilhelm
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Yes, they are still present, not as powerful as when more planets are required as every dasa of the yoga forming planets gives the yoga effects so in this case there is on less dasa of getting the yoga effect.