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Yoga for psychic ability or ability to see ghosts

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Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if there is a yoga or chart pattern that indicates a persons ability to see ghosts or experience the paranormal? I have a few people in my life that have had experiences but I haven't yet seen a common denominator for why.

Any info would be helpful on this topic! 

Thank you!

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First thing that comes to mind is the 8th house.  Edgar Cayce is a great example, do you know his story? 

He was a vortex of the paranormal.  His chart has 4PL in 8th house plus Rahu and 8th house cusp are in Pisces.  His chart is in Kala under Astrologers.  As far as yogas are concerned I would think one of the luminaries in the 8th would be helpful along with 1st Ld in 8th.  My memories says that some of these psychic and paranormal yogas I've seen in Kala under the Spirituality section in the Yogas tab, one for mystical knowledge is:

"5th lord with Mercury or Jupiter in an angle or trine one will be intelligent and capable of guessing the thoughts of others."

As far as mediums or spirit possession/channeling I would think the 1st Ld with Rahu could open that possibility.  Anandamayi Ma has 1st Ld with Rahu in 12th house.  She is in  Kala under Philosophers, Gurus.  The particular moment that shifted her into the paranormal was, from Wikipedia:

"On the full moon night of August 1922, [8/7/22] at midnight, twenty-six-year-old Nirmala enacted her own spiritual initiation. She explained that the ceremony and its rites were being revealed to her spontaneously as and when they were called for. Although she was uneducated in the matter, the complex rites corresponded to those of traditional, ancient Hinduism, including the offerings of flowers, the mystical diagrams (yantra) and the fire ceremony (yajna). She later stated, "As the master (guru) I revealed the mantra; as the disciple. I accepted it and started to recite it."

She was running Dasa Ve/Su/Ve/Ra/Ju, Planetary Age of Ve/9, On this full moon the sun was transiting over her 5th house that holds Jupiter, Ld of 12th where 1st Ld Mars is conjunct Rahu. After this it is said she would go into ecstatic trances often.

From a look over peoples charts that I know, Pisces comes up a lot.

Do you see any similarities in the charts you are looking at?

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AK in Scorpio in D9. Scorpio is a strong factor in someway.

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I've seen charts where water signs dominate than one is more intuitive in general. 

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Yes, I've also seen it on charts with prominent water signs and planets in moksha bhavas. Sattva planets with Rahu or Ketu... 

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