I just made a youtube video with Kapiel of KRS Channel where I talked to him about the outer planets with a Hindu Philosophy slant.

We just uploaded the latest burn of kala which includes recent time zone changes for russia as well as bug fixes in the cards screen. You can download at www.vedic-astrology.net/digiproducts/Kala2013.zip


Hello, we have fixed several small kala issues, so if you have a 2013 kala please download at www.vedic-astrology.net/digiproducts/Kala2013.zip and install by clicking on the setup.exe file.

You will need this fix if you are using the Jaimini Screen.

Graha Sutras is the name of my book about the planets. It is also the name of an audio course that follows the book. As of yet, I have not put all the planetary information into video, but I am starting to and you can see those videos by going to the Courses link and selecting the Graha Sutras Course.

For those taking the Jaimini course I have released a new Kala with some additions to the Jaimini Screen. You can simply download the file at www.vedic-astrology.net/Kala.zip unzip the file and put the Kala.exe into your C:/Kala folder and overwrite the old Exe. You will know its the new one by going to the Jaimini screen and clicking on the Dasa. In the rasi dasa section there are now more dasas and they are numbered 1-12. If you want to just download the entire kala and do a reinstall, you can download that at www.vedic-astrology.net/digiproducts/Kala2013.zip


Today I started a course on predicting with Jaimini’s Rasi Dasas. First two videos are up and can been seen at .  https://astrology-videos.com/courses/jaimini-courses/predicting-with-rasis-dasas

Today I started the second part of the Ages of the Planets Course. The first part was on the maturation ages of the planets, the second part that I started to today is on the natural age periods of the planets. These are very important for both prediction and understanding a person’s growth.

Today I added three videos on longevity yogas to the Longevity Course that I started a few months ago with the Balarishta Yogas. Balaristha, or infant mortality is the first part of longevity. Next is determining if a person will have a short, medium or long life. This can be done in a few ways… in these videos I show how to do it with Yogas. Videos are at https://astrology-videos.com/yogas/disease-longevity-yogas/longevity-yogas.

I started a new section on the website today, Special Mini Courses, where I will be putting short, 1-3 video courses on predicting specific things, such as Foreign Residence, which is the first of these short courses at https://astrology-videos.com/courses/special-concern-mini-courses/foriegn-residence. You can find these courses under the Courses Menu.

I think this video was past due, its video number 27 on this page: https://astrology-videos.com/courses/advanced-courses/parasharas-formula-for-timing-with-vimshottari-dasa