Each planet rules a particular period of life. This is not the vimshottari period, but a natural period that is age based and the same for all individuals. Planets also have an age at which they mature. This is a very important year for everyone. Many concerns that people have in their lives have to do with these two things. In the Ages of the Planets course I will cover the effects of these periods and maturation ages.

Today I put up the first two Shayanaadi Avastha videos at https://astrology-videos.com/strengths/avasthas/shayanaadi-avasthas
these are part of the Parashara’s Formula for Judging Vimshottari Dasa course, but they can be watched stand alone.

Today I started a new course on positional transits at https://astrology-videos.com/courses/beginner-courses/positional-transits. Positional transits are the movement of the planets through the Rasis as they change positions from the lagna, the moon, and other places. Many important things can be seen with these snap shot principles.

Today Eve James had me on her youtube channel for a quite long talk about zodiacs, nakshatras, galactic center, the importance of the Sun and Moon, amongst other things. You can watch it at


Jai Rama,


A video on finding the Lajjitaadi Avasthas influences to the Bhavas has been added to the  Parashara’s Formula for Bhava Judgment Course.

Today I posted an astronomical video on youtube in which I talk about the four types of time and Sankranti, or solar ingress into rasis. These are critical things to understand in the context of dasa years and zodiacs.

A video on finding the static promise of Lajjitaadi Avasthas has been added to the  Parashara’s Formula for Bhava Judgment Course. I talk about a lot of interesting Varga material in this video, its a must see.