Today I put up a short video on youtube on the value of embracing fate.


I just uploaded 3 new videos for the Parashara’s Formula for Bhava Judgment Course. In these three videos I show you to modify a planet’s Shad Bala, the measurement of its active force, by the Balaadi and Jagradaadi Avasthas.

Today I am putting up the first videos for the new course on Judging the horoscope in a very concrete and predictive way using all five Avasthas from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. This is the master course on predicting with Parashara system of astrology. This course can be found at

This course will take about 2 months to complete I think, maybe a bit longer depending on how many examples I decide to do.

I have posted three videos on youtube dealing with examining the partner as Venus, Jupiter and the Darakaraka using the principles of Lajjitaadi Avasthas. Videos can be found at:


One of my favorite things to do with prasna is to find lost or hidden articles. This is something that few people ever think of going to an astrologer for, though in the old days in both India and the west, seeing an astrologer to help find something was a common thing to see an astrologer for. So here is an example:

A few days ago a good friend of ours, Carol Allen, visited. She brought gifts for everyone and my gift was a box of chocolates. We cut up some chocolates, shared them with the kids. We did this in the kitchen. I then told my youngest twin, Kirika, to go and hide the chocolates in my office somewhere so that I would not eat them the next day when she was at school, so that we we could instead share them when the kids were home.

The next day while the kids were at school, Srishti and I got a deep craving for chocolate, so we went into my office and started looking for those chocolates. The date was August 14th, 2013 at 12:25 PM Prescott, Arizona. After a few minutes of futile searching I remembered that I was an astrologer, so I cast a chart for when we started to look for the chocolates. The first thing to determine in regards to a prasna chart about a missing, lost or hidden article is whether the article will be found. After that the astrologer needs to see where the article is, but even if the article location is determined correctly, if the Prasna chart shows that the article will not be found, it will not be found.

In the Prasna for the chocolate search, the 4th lord, which rules the missing article, was Saturn and it was in the Ascendant in Scorpio with the Moon and Rahu. Not good, Saturn is in an enemy sign with an enemy Moon and with Rahu, Rahu makes thing very tricky to find, it is the great hider. The moon also has a hidden side and that side dominates when it is with Rahu. Rahu and Moon also indicate trickery. So I knew my daughter had done a tricky job of hiding the chocolates and with the placement of the 4th lord, I did not think there was going to be any chance of us finding the chocolates. Furthermore, the lagna lord Mars was debilitated in Cancer with Exalted 5th lord Jupiter, which made me think I was going to be at the mercy of my child, Jupiter, who was strong, and not be able to do anything for myself, as Mars the Lagna lord was weak. It was looking like I was going to have to eat raw for lunch again, no chocolates likely.

But still, I wanted to find those chocolates, so I tried to find the location. The 4th lord and the lagna were in a fixed sign, this means the article is where it was last it was seen – which was the kitchen. I had told her to hide in my office, but now I suspected she had hidden it in the kitchen when my back was turned – pretty sneaky of her, totally Rahu/Moon conjunction in the Lagna. The 4th lord was in a water rasi, which is north, and the ruler of the 4th lord, Mars, was also in a water rasi, so it had to be in the north. Well part of my kitchen, the pantry area, is in the dead north of the house, so figured it had to be in the pantry. So Srishti and I ran to the pantry to look for our lunch. We could not find it, so I went back to the prasna and thought, okay, the Lagna is in Vishakha and Vishakha represents cotton fields and so we had to think of the closest thing to a cotton field in our pantry and then we would find it. There is a small closet in our pantry where we keep all the spare paper towels and toilet paper rolls, certainly the most cottony things in the kitchen, so I figured it had to be there and both Srishti and I had a good look in that closet, but we did not find it. At that point I decided to follow the indication of the prasna that we would not find the chocolate and that we would just have to wait until Kirika came home from school. When she did, she went to the closet with the paper towels and toilet paper and pulled out the box of chocolates. So the chocolates were in the same room as last seen, in the north, in the closest thing we had to a cotton field in our kitchen, only she had managed to cover up the chocolates by a bunch of bags in such a way that we did not see the chocolates under the bags, so just as the prasna indicated, we did not find the chocolates.

Hi, it occurred to me yesterday that I could and should have used the Tara tables technique for the election on account of there being some question about Obama’s birth time as Tara is a non time dependent technique, where you do not need the correct lagna, just the right Moon Nakshatra.

In Tara, the 3rd, 5th and 7th are bad, the rest are good. Bad lord in bad tara is good, good lord in good tara is good. Other stuff is bad. Learn all about it in the Nakshatras audio course at

Obama was running Saturn/Mercury – Saturn is the progressed Nakshatra lord of the 1st Tara and it is placed in the 5th Tara, which is bad and limits his success in office and shows the US economy is not going to be as good as many people are expecting. This Saturn could lose him an election as well, however, antardasa lord Mercury was great, so he kept his office. Mercury was great as being the lord of the 2nd Tara in the 1st Tara. Very nice, so he keeps his office and during mercury antardasa the economy will stablize. But when he goes into Ketu antardasa December 12, 2014, Ketu is the 3rd Tara lord placed in the 8th Tara, which will hinder improvements and things will go backwards again.

Romney was running Moon/Rahu. Moon is the 1sdt Tara lord placed in the 5th Tara, bad, obstructs success. Rahu was the 3rd tara lord in the 1st Tara, bad again. So he could have only lost.

Every time I use the Tara tables I am shocked at how easy and accurate they are…I predicted many things about my new Rahu dasa beginning with Tara tables, but somehow just did not think of using it for the election, so there it is now, another wonderful technique.


Obama’s 51st year Varshaphala does have the potential for a downfall due to saturn and mars joining the 5th cusp and the 5th rules fall from royalty, but will it happen? HIs Raja Saham, part of kingship is in Aries, a good placement. Its lord Mars has good pancha and dvadasa strength, so it is a good lord. It has the aspect of a friendly jupiter and the conjunction of a troubling Saturn. Saturn, however, is in great shape at 16 pancha and it rules the public 7th house. Jupiter is also in pretty good shape with high pancha and dwadasa strenghts. Jupiter is also the 10th lord, so very important. And it does have more friendly tajika aspects than unfriendly. It is not a great chart, could never become president with this varshaphala, but it is good enough to escape a downfall.

He will be running Sun/Ve in mudda dasa. Sun is strong and in Leo and rules the presidency. VEnus is the year lord and a decent planet as well. So the dasa timing is pretty good. In D60 Sun rules the 10th cusp and is placed in the first. Venus rules the D45 lagna and is placed in the lagna. So not a bad dasa either. with patyayini dasa he is running Jupiter Mars, which are in a seperating but friendly aspect to each other, so looks safe for obama.

Romney has his year lord Mars in the 9th with plenty of friendly aspect and mars is decent in Pancha strength, it is however, conjunct the 8th cusp and it is the 10th cusp lord, so not a great year lord. THe Muntha lord jupiter has less than 10 Pancha strength, not good. The raja saham as well as the punya saham are both in mercury’s sign and mercury is very weak in pancha strenth with just 8.7 points. Mercury has no friends, just saturn as enemy. He will be running Jupiter Mars in patyayini dasa during the election. Jupiter has a low pancha strength, mars is just mediocre. Not good enough to win an election. GOod enough to keep the office if he was already president, but not good enough to jump into the whitehouse.

Neither candidate has a great varshaphala, but Obama just needs to avoid a fall, he does not have to climb higher. So I think he will win based on varshaphala. But it will not be a great victory or a large margin. He will just keep his job.


Looking at Obama’s Rasi he is running Saturn Mercury. Saturn is in its own rasi in the 12th, which gives him strength to weather a lot of setbacks. Saturn is aspected by Sun moon and mars, three enemies, though mars is sleeping and so cannot hold saturn back, but also by two friends Mercury and Venus, venus is sleeping, but mercury is good, so saturn is so so. Really, we want a president with a great dasa lord if the country is going to advance…
The antardasa lord Mercury is agitated by the Sun, and you can see that agitation in his life recently. Mercury is aspected by the Moon an enemy and has no help of any friends. Not a good antardasa lord. In teh Dasamsa, Mercury is in a friend’s Rasi, Leo, but due to being conjunct the Sun in the rasi, it is still not a good mercury. Antardasa lord Mercury is also in the 8th from Saturn in the Rasi and in the 7th from the lagna where it has no dig bala. Not a good antardasa lord at all.

Romney’s Dasa lord Moon is in the 6th, a good place for his moon since it is waning, then it is delighted by the conjunction of Jupiter, so a good dasa lord. In the Daamsa, Moon is in Aries and its lord is exalted. No wonder he has managed to get to the election. The antardasa lord Rahu in the Rasi is really bad, it is in the 8th from the dasa lord, Moon/Rahu tends to be a tough period, and Rahu’s lord is DB, joined the SUn, has no real friends aspecting it and its strongest aspect is from his enemy the Moon. So a terrible lord of Rahu. Rahu itself is aspected by two planets in bad dignity and no planets in good dignity. So a terrible Rahu in the Rasi chart. Not to mention Rahu in the first is just not a great place for politics in general. In the Dasamsa, Rahu is in Cancer, gives the results of the Moon, which is good, and it is aspected by a bunch of planets in good dignity. So not bad at all overall. Better I would say than Obama’s antardasa lord…

For clarity, we should analyze some other Vargas. In the 40th, the varga of most auspicious and most inauspicious things Antardasa lord Rahu in romney’s chart is in the sign of Mars and Mars is sleeping in Gemini, agitated by the Sun, and joined by enemy Mercury, not a good mars at all. In fact, with his terrible mars, he is not the best person to be Commander in Chief of the US forces… Mars is aspected by its friend moon and friend Jupiter, but Jupiter is sleeping and so no help, so it is not a good antardasa lord at all in the D40. Compare that to Obama’s lord of Rahu in 2008 which was Mars in its own rasi in the lagna! Romney’s D40 is just not good enough to give something as auspicious as winning this election.

Obama’s Dasa and Antarda lords are both in Cancer in the D40, their enemy rasi but a water rasi, so they are both thirsty there, but can still do something. Thirsty would never make a president, but can keep one in office. And we know that Obama cannot feel good about winning the election as he knows a lot of people are not happy with the happenings in the country and he knows he cannot do all that much and he will just not have the devotion placed upon him that he had in 2008 when people looked towards him as a savior. So his victory can only be thirsty in this election.,

In shastiamsa Romney’s Rahu is in Taurus, ruled by Venus who is thirsty in cancer, not good enough to win a presidency. Obama’s Shastiamsa has his Dasa and antardasa lords both placed in the sigh of Jupiter, in natural nuetral rasis, and it does not get any help, just a little hurt, so a sub par antardasa lord, but his Dasa lord Saturn has the strong aspect of Friend VEnus and friend Mercury. And again, he has the presidency, mediocre will keep him there, he needs a downfall to loose it.

So vimshottari with Dasas favors Obama once again. So that makes both Jaimini techniques and Vimshottari with Vargas in his favor. I wonder what the Varshaphala looks like…