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Don´t tread on the crocodile´s tail!

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Many years ago I had a detailed vision. I saw in a glimpse a coconut palm tree with a lot of small crocodiles hanging in their crooked tales, moving their tiny jaws intensively, like scissors. My daughter - then 11 or so - was there and I told her: "Andrea, I had this vision!" It turns out that she, in the exactly same moment had envisioned the exact same thing. That´s cool! we thought, what a connection! Until I later came to understand that the coconut represents health, medicine against toxic, and that it was a very bad omen about the mother and her family poisoning my daughter's mind. The crocodiles eating the health preserving coconuts. We later became separated; she´s now 20 years old and hasn´t spoken to me for 8 years. She doesn´t reply my mails.

A couple of days ago I wrote to her mother, apologizing for my part of what went wrong between us. She didn´t answer - I didn´t expect her to - but accepted me as a friend on FB. I was just going to - naively - ask her about our daughter; how she is, what she thinks about the situation etc... I went into her FB-page, and what do I see? A video with a duck treading on a couple of crocodiles tails, the crocodiles turning around trying to grab it and the duck fleeing for it´s life. Writing to her mentioning our daughter would obviously not be a wise step to take... 

Just wanted to share, I think it was a cool omen.


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yes, nice warning!