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Hi Ernst and everyone!

I would like to ask if anyone know why the Nakshatras in are different with what other vedic astrologer calculate?(for example the ascendant in 2 degrees Gemini falls in Rohini nakshatra in but other astrologer put this degree in different nakshatra)

I think indicates the most accurate planetary positions, can it be the reason for different nakshatras timing?


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It might be due to using different settings for calculating the Year Length fir Nakshatras Dasas. If I am not mistaken, Ernst is recommending Saura (365.2422 days), which is pretty close to the Sidereal (365.2564 days), but I know some astrologers use the Nakshatra (359.0167 days). Maybe just test and see which one makes more sense in the charts, but I think that's where the difference comes from.

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There are about 30 ayanamsas that can be used to calculate nakshatras, the most common is lahiri. I dont use that one.