A sad economic year
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A sad economic year

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2020 is truly a time of global economic crisis caused by covid. the year 2021 promises full of new changes.

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It has been. Jupiter is the planet of generosity and optimism. I look at it as part of the masculine aspect within us - that of the giver. Generosity is not only about money, but also about time, effort and energy.

After the big Pluto-Saturn-Ketu conjunction in 2019, the Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter conjunction seemed to be asking whether we are giving our time and energy to the right thing or if we are wasting it on the wrong ones; are we getting enough back in terms of optimism or are we living in situations that make us feel pessimistic.

Jupiter went through the grindmill three times last year. The last time it joined Pluto and Saturn, the chart looked as if the chess board had been laid out and strategies were being planned. If we take the new ruler Uranus into account, now we have the son (Saturn) and grandson (Jupiter) in the grandfather’s (Uranus) house. It was interesting to see Jupiter following tradition and entering in after Saturn.

With Jupiter’s erratic transits over the next couple of years, it looks like the masculine energy within us will be taking some time for much needed introspection to be able to redirect its flow. I think bigger changes will come into place after Jupiter moves into Aries.

Just some thoughts I had as I looked at the transits last year.