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Sri Yukteswars reference to Tropical Sankrantis in Biography of Sri Yukteswar

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Greetings Ernst and Forum Members, 

I found the part in the Biography of Sri Yukteswar by Swami Satyananda that Yoga Niketan has published regarding Sri Yukteswars reference to a more accurate calculation for the equinoxes/solstices. 

"he calculated with the correct formulae: two equinoxes (approximately the 9th of Ashwin and the 9th of Chaitra at present) and two solstices (approximately the 9th of Ashar and the 9th of Poush at present)" 

Can someone articulate as to how this relates tropically? What does 9th of of nakshatra mean? I assume the nakshatra reference is to Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Cap?  




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Ernst Wilhelm
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Sri Yuktesvar essentially used correct equinoxes and soltices which are tropical. Everyone knows that, and has know that forever, but the hindus have decided to use sidereal rasis for that since about 700 AD. 


THe nakshatra reference is the hindu lunar month which are named after the nakshatras.