2nd Bhava Judgement
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2nd Bhava Judgement

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Greetings Ernst en all,

I'm doing to research to verify methods of bhava judgement. I'm trying to accurately judge 2nd bhava for various people from the Kala DB and its not working very well:

Person Shad 3 Bal/Jag 3 Lajji 7 Bhava 3 BL Con Lj 3 Conj Dus 3 Conj/asp Ld 7 BC Conj Lj 5 34  
Bill Gates 2 1 2 3 1 1 2 5   50.00%  
Steve Jobs 3 2 6 2 3 2 5 3   76.47%  
Warren Buffet 1 2 6 2 3 2 0 3   55.88%  
Tim Cook 1 1 3 3 1 3 4 3   55.88%  
Jack Ma 3 1 2 1 2 2 5 3   55.88% 58.82%
Neil Armstrong 3 1 6 3 2 2 7 5   85.29%  
Amelia Earhert 1 1 6 3 3 3 1 5   67.65%  
Alcholic 3 2 7 1 2 2 4 5   76.47%  
Brain Tumor -1 2 3 1 2 3 4 3   50.00%  
Ted Bundy 1 2 7 3 3 1 1 3   61.76% 68.24%

1st Bhava cusp Lord Shad Bala:
1 = < 100%
2 = < 120%
3 = > 120%

2nd BCL combination of Balaadi, Jagradi avasthas:
1 = < 25%
2 = < 50%
3 = > 50%

3rd Lajjatadi

1 really bad -> 7 really good

4th rasi from ascendant
1 = 6,8,12
2 = other
3 = trine, angle

5th BCL conjunction

3 = nat friend, 2 = neutral, 1 = natural enemy

6th conj dusthana lord:

1 = 6,8,12 L

2 = 3,11

3 = not

7th Bhava cusp aspect by Lord:

7 = full
5 = 3/4
4 = 1/2
2 = 1/4
1 = 0

8th Bava cusp conjunction planet Lajji:


My ultra weathy group have a average 2nd bhava of 58% and my normal group have ave 2nd bhava of 68%. So what am I doing wrong here?



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As far as I know from the courses I've studied the past almost four years, Ernst does not subscribe to this particular methodology--at all...

I do know he had an old Judging Bhavas course that he has taken down; he has replaced this with Concrete Chart & Varga Analysis with Jaimini. 

I don't have time to summarize key aspects here for you. I would suggest you take this course and pay careful attention to how he analyzes the yogas pertaining to the Hora (D-2)...

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@everylightifound problem with that technique is you end analyzing more than half the rasis in the chart ie just end up confused

The Moon The dispositor of the Moon
The Amatyakaraka The dispositor of the Amatyakaraka
The 2nd Bhava
The 3rd Bhava
The 2nd Lord The dispositor of the 2nd Lord
The 3rd Lord The dispositor of the 3rd Lord
The 2nd Pada
The 3rd Pada
The 2nd from the Moon
The 3rd from the Moon
The 2nd lord from the Moon The dispositor of the 2nd lord from the Moon
The 3rd lord from the Moon The dispositor of the 3rd lord from the Moon
The 2nd from the AmK
The 3rd from the AmK
The 2nd lord from the AmK The dispositor of the 2nd lord from the AmK
The 3rd lord from the AmK The dispositor of the 3rd lord from the AmK
Padas of Rasis of the Above


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@radharamana It's not just this; it's the yogas.

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@radharamana Also, as he clearly states in the course, the analysis of these factors gives the "ups and downs" in Jaimini's rasi-based dashas. Look at the yogas pertaining to the Moon for this varga.

Ernst Wilhelm
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The health of the bhava is just one aspect of determining something in a person's chart. 2nd bahva represents wealth, possessions, the things we take care of, collections. Inwardly it has to do with feelings of self-worth. And it's useful for timing all these things. However, any time we judge anything we have to judge not just the bahva, but the yogas and the Jaimini principles. I dont know if gates chart is correct, so lets take a look at Steve Jobs. Some basic rules of wealth as told by Parashara, the 5th and 9th specifically help with wealth. We have moon mars conjunction which is a wealth giving yoga and here its the lord of the 5th with 9th in 2nd and mars is in own Rasi. So thats a powerful wealth yoga. Then from Moon jupiter is in 4th from moon, exalted, and aspected by Venus, thats a Gajakesari Yoga, which gives wealth and success. Jupiter is also the lagna lord. Then Jupiter in 2nd or 5th aspected by VEnus or merucry is Kalanidhi Yoga which gives wealth and success as well, so this is a great jupiter. Its retro and exalted, so it will give a large quantity of the good it can give. Jupiter is the 10th lord in an angle from Moon which is a common yoga that gives wealth and sucess, but here Jupiter  is again so powerfuland forming multiple yogas. The 11th lord is in the 9th which helps wealth grow day by day and its strongly aspected by Exalted Jupiter as well as a mars in own sign who is the 9th lord. 

The Parashara's formula for Yoga judgment has all these yogas and they are important for wealth and success, which always come together with these yogas.


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Kala has Steve Jobs' chart at 7am. The various astrology websites for celebrities have Jobs' chart at 7:15pm or 19:15. 

Ernst Wilhelm
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Ok, lets take it with 19:15 birthtime then. We still have the chandramangala yoga along with the Gajakesari yoga of exalted Jupiter. According to bhavartha Ratnakara Saturn in 3rd causes yoga. Exalted Jupiter is in Pada so he is a Srimantha, wealthy and successful. He also has a type of Brahma Yoga caused by Mercury, Venus and again, Jupiter. 4th and 9th lords are in angles to each other and lagna lord is strong by being delighted and that causes Kahala yoga -  Jupiter again participates in this yoga. Jupiter is forming a vipareet yoga by being an evil lord in an evil house. Exalted and creative Jupiter gets involved with every good yoga that gives sucess and wealth. 

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Mentioning Gajakesari Yoga with exalted Jupiter, also having Brahma yoga, I am so curious of the prominent effects of them to such ascendant, I have them,
what I can 100% tell is when I started working in my life, around 21 years old. Food is unlimited, if there is no food at home, I get invited to a party.
Or, the company treat, or friends/work associates pass by and drop food, I like food so much that the abundancy of it, whether I like it or not...
They just come, that's why I cannot fast, I wanted to fast so badly but my family is more on white and red meats...
If I have to buy veggies on my own it'll cost me since my days of gardening stopped when we moved few years ago.
I though have very strong metabolism, like no matter how much I fill myself I am either 155-165, always around there. Stomach looks like a blob, but nah...
Skateboarding life is fading, I am no longer fit. Hopefully one day I am able to ride my skateboard or just fast, I really believe that fasting for myself is important.
I also have a co-worker who has Gajakesari yoga, she's so into foods, luxurious restaurants and what not. If we go together dang, the food just endless.
I don't like to excessively drink, it's so bad for my mental and emotional health, despite that I am very funny when I get drunk...
But most of the Gajakesari I know likes to drink, alot!
I have one co-worker who has Lakshima and Gajakesari she drinks almost every day, outing with family... a good friend, but not a good co-worker.

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