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Relocation - Kakini

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Hi Ernst and All

When we looking at Charts of expats who change countries frequently.

Is it possible to apply the Kakini technique to the Name of the Country as well?

And when looking at Names of Cities or Countries - do we take the Name as we would spell it in our native language or like it would be spelt in the original language of that Country?


Thanks for clarifying


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My understanding is that its best to use the sound of the original language of that country/region.

As someone who moves around a lot, I did my Kakini analysis and found it was extremely insightful for my income and commute times but did not align strongly with how happy I was in each place.

I am curious to know if it applies to countries as well.


Ernst Wilhelm
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It applies to countries in a very secondary fashion, so if the city kakini is good you will get ahead financially better there. If the country is also good, it will be more so, but if the country is bad, you will still get ahead. good country, with bad city, you will fall behind financially but not as fast as bad country and bad city. 

and no, it wont impact the happiness, for that we have to see our lajjitaadi avasthas which are always with us, however, if we have a good avastha planet stimulated by some other relocation technique we will feel somewhat better in that place.