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How do you deal with uranus pain issues?

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I find it to be one of the most annoying aspects about myself, and more of late then ever. I think what I am experiencing is that uranus aspects my moon given they are within less then 1 degree of each other, and worst yet my moon is in a fatal degree, with these two aspecting jupiter being also within a degree of each other. Among other things, they are in the dual signs, so they are aspecting away at each other and the other signs gemini and virgo.


I am just curious if there is any sort of lagitaadi avesta or so forth a remedial understanding with this with this in understanding this, as I am not sure what to do.

Moon is in 5th, uranus in 2nd houses. There is a possibility that neptune also being close by in 2nd house sagitarius is also causing issues since it and uranus are in same sign, and this might be indicative of what Ernst says about neptune in 2nd.

Neptune in the 2nd


Neptune in the 2nd indicates an individual who does not find the hoped for happiness and fulfillment with any form of material security such as valuable possessions, wealth, friends or family. There need is for something greater than these things can give. Neptune will dissolve these very concrete 2nd house things so that the individual will have the opportunity to connect to things on more of an emotional and less of a physical level and thus develop greater emotional security rather than material security. Once the greater emotional security is developed, the individual will have a greater capacity to connect spiritually and thus a greater capacity for fulfillment.

I would say that this is accurate about myself, which might explain why I dont much care to make a buck, so much as figure out what puts me in good graces with the planets. As for uranus, its more summed up as not ever feeling right about wealth and possessions, until its appropriate for the said individual.

Whether or not the outers aspect fully or not is anyones guess, I am taking a leap to say that they do, and uranus in particular is what much of what is happening to me.

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