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Nakshatra aspecting, how does it compare to sign/house aspecting?

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I am curious what experience is going with this, and how it compares to sign aspecting. For instance, I have a moon in pisces, and a jupiter in cancer. Both are in each other signs, but my saturn is also in a jupiter sign and specifically sagittarius, and my jupiter is in puts it in the pushyami 3rd pada which is ruled by saturn. I am curious if there is some comparison to natural sign relationship lordships and nakshutra lordships. Hilariously to this end, the 26th nakshatra my moon is in is ruled by saturn and saturn is atmakaraka.

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Don't use nakshatra lords outside of vimshottari dasa. they are not lords in teh sense that the rasi lords are. They are just what planet that naksahtra activates in its dasa, more like the nakshatra is telling a planet to act.