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May the Jupiter Card be about the spouse in a woman´s spread?

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Hi Ernst and everyone.

This mysterious Jupiter Card... I read a spread for a woman the other week whose Jupiter card is King of Spades. My father runs the same BC, and he has been in several life threatening situations and survived. This woman hasn´t, but on the other hand she became a widow at an early age.

Today in the card´s study group we analized the spread of a woman whose Jupiter card is a Queen of Diamonds. She has been lucky with real estates in a companionship with her spouse. She says she´s bad at administrating material things, but that her husbond on the other hand is good at that.

This gives me the idea that the Jupiter card in a woman´s spread may indicate events or characteristic that don´t directly happen to her or are embodied by her, but rather to/by her husband?

Similar the Venus card in a man´s spread in that case could be an indication of something concerning his wife, I guess, but then that´s not an "avoided placement", so maybe it´s different.

Have you seen this happening?


Best regards


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Ernst Wilhelm
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Yes, you can see the jupiter and venus cards as spouses. 

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And children. My Jupiter card is my daughter's Birth Card.