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Cards of Truth: The World : Srishti's Paintings

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I bought one of the tote bags that had the Cards of Truth: The World and I carry it with me for all my audits as it contains all my working files and stationery. One of the teachers at the child care centre I was auditing commented on the bright lovely colors of the painting and was curious where I had gotten it from. 

I used to carry the painting of the Sun tote bag with me as my 10th house is ruled by the Sun and I am currently in Sun dasha. The auditor's wife was also curious about my unique tote bags that I am so possessive about : ) That bag is now all used and worn out but I still carry it sometimes if I have more stuff to carry around for audit.

Not sure if Srishti's Paintings are easily available on Amazon for easy shipping as I had to go through an intermediary courier service to get it shipped to Singapore for The World tote bag. 

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The paintings Srishti can ship as well as prints. Just contact her through her website