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7 of Clubs- Robin Williams

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Someone shared an article with me recently about the illness that caused Robin Williams death, which was written by his wife. It fits so closely with the symbolism Ernst taught in his course about the cards in nature, where the 7 of Clubs is the process of the leaves falling off the trees in autumn. 

She even references it at the beginning of a paragraph: "The colors were changing and the air was crisp; it was already late October of 2013...."

I thought I'd share the article, if anyone is interested: https://n.neurology.org/content/87/13/1308  

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That´s one of the things I appreciate the most with the CoT system: how visual it is and how it´s all reflected in nature. And no, no surprise that RW´s wife intuitively picked up that vision too. But a beautiful confirmation of how it all works and come together, for sure.