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Five of Spades for a healer?

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I´ve been pondering on Five of Spades lately. I met a King of Spades woman, she´s a healer. The King of Spade´s path card is 5 of Spades. I´ve got it in my own spread, as the Jupiter card, separated by the Sun but manifested by Mercury. I´ve got some talent for healing (myself and other people). (And due to my highly speculative theory that I wrote about, Jesus Christ was a Five of Clubs and was a healer due to his 5 of Spades and Ace of Spades cards.....)

So what do you think; 5 of Spades is about improving oneself, of course, but since everything works internally and externally I would consider it as a possible indication for the gift of being a healer. It could also be an Ace of Spades, Seven of Spades, Queen of Spades or Seven of Clubs, of course.

Any thoughts about this, any experience to share?


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Fives are the fixer cards, so yes, 5 of spades is a big healer card.