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Hi Ernst and everyone,

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Looking at this birth spread . Is a Queen Diamonds Birth Card. 

Anyway Venus is the 5 Diamonds, and also looking at the astrology chart and his Venus is amazing.

Best planet avastas, shad bala #1.Secure.  Aspected by both friends. Only Mrita. In 3/8 BC  in Taurus/Libra.  So not troubled but 5 there so the  adverted material issues that would benefit them is not going to happen ? 

 But given  the really good placement and  a Queen of Diamonds BC helping alot I am guessing, sure these Diamond things  might not be adverted and some greater concrete results not happening , but not going to be a big deal or make a difference?  Is here  an odd card on Venus ok? Maybe feel it with some 8th house things running the Venus Dasa?  


Thanks so much,

Blessings to all,


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Let´s have a look in the study group Meg, if you can wait until next Saturday. Seems like we are going to start then.