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Hi Ernst,

In the Mercury card of Ace of Spades, a person has Pluto (King of Diamonds) and Saturn, along with 3 of their strongest planets - Sun, Moon, Venus.

Jupiter (with Rahu) and Mars (with Ketu) are debilitated. Mercury is in Cancer.

Since the Ace of Spades is about survival, the self wanting to express itself, it doesn’t make sense to have Pluto there. If the person is alive but doesn’t have anything, and has allowed everything to fall away, what more can Pluto want? 

Is this about giving up of or the taking away of everything of value, so as to connect deeper within the self? For the roots to dig deeper or spread wider underground, build a more solid foundation, before sprouting up above ground?

Or is this about giving up on the need to even survive? To allow oneself to wither away to nothingness?

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Ernst Wilhelm
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Pluto's job is to strip us of concepts and identifications so in the Ace of spades, it will strip someone of something they strongly identify as. I am this kind of person, this is ME, and pluto will say, Oh REALLY! and they will learn, that's not really them and discover something new about themselves.