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A woman and cooking for her family

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My mother was a wonderful cook and she loved cooking for her family. We were very fortunate  that we grew up with delicious/healthy home cooked meals. My grandma was a good cook too. My parents told me once that it was their contribution toward our health by preparing home cooked meals. Also we would all eat dinner together on Sunday. We follow the tradition by doing a lot of home cooking for the children even though we are very busy with our work schedules. My brothers are very good cooks because they learned the basic of good cooking from my mom (cook everything from scratch and use fresh local ingredients). I can cook but my cooking is not as good as my mom, and i think the main difference is she loved cooking and you can taste that difference...

Food brings people together. It brings family together at the dinner table. Having dinner with your family gives you that sense of stability, of belonging. It also helps to keep tradition alive as each culture has its own special dishes. Cooking can be an art for sure. Home cooking has been a big part in my life, and we are happy when we see the kids eating healthy meals. Yes it is a lot more than just just having a full stomach, but having a full stomach with good food is not a bad thing either....





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One of my acquaintances is involved in growing and packaging ecologically clean food. The work is so sensitive that when a consumer receives food, some of them can tell right away that one batch of food was worse, and most of the time it happened in the morning when the grower and packer were in a bit of a bad mood or the atmosphere was anxious.

This suggests that nutrition and food quality are still very important. One can guess how bad random fast food can be of any origin if consumed for a long time.

This also gives rise to thoughts on how important a home atmosphere can be when you are together and preparing and eating food. All kinds of quarrels and tensions can be added to food as well as emotions.

Some people say that when there are holidays and a covered table, the energy of the person sitting next to them can be felt, for example, sitting next to a sick person can be felt afterwards or hugging a drunk person can feel a little drunk afterwards.

I have a habit of watching animal channels on TV, and a documentary on the life of snakes has described that when snakes congregate in the colder season, there are thinner and thicker specimens among the snakes in the cluster. The researchers looked at how much energy they had and compared the condition later before the snakes started to warm up or "wake up" again after the winter. They seem to share each other's energy and "mix".


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