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I am not sure if this is the right category for this post... 

I am wondering if it is possible for the Hora chart to only show one planet? Also is it typical for all the planets to be divided into two houses in the Hora?

For myself, my software is only showing one planet in my Hora. The other charts I look at have all the planets divided between two houses. Just wondering if this is a problem with my software, or a typical configuration. 



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Ernst Wilhelm
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Every varga has lords and rasis. For the hora the lords are the sun or the Moon. So some people put all the planets in the sign of leo or cancer. BUt that's not really the correct way to do it. We need to calculate those lords, but for the chart we need to calculate an actual chart. Many softwares do not do this. 

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I finished the Hora Varga class and Im not sure if all the principles are to be apply only in the Hora Chart or some are can be used in the D1 chart.

For example,

1. The Images of the Horas to decided which Lagna applies to a person is to be used in the D2 or in the D1?

2. We judge the planets in the D1 if its in the Moon or Sun´s Hora to cast the D2
but... do we interpret that D1 hora/sign position? or do we only interpret the Hora and Sign positions they fall in the D2?

Leah T
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@rhiannon Before I acquired Kala software, I would bounce on his website For the chart calculator, then I could compare the results there to what I was getting in my software.  He does include the vargas, Mahadasa's and some of the aspect tables, this way you can see what it would look like if using recommended calculations.  An easy way to find your info.  

Hope this helps.