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Indians using Tropical Zodiac

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Hello Ernst, I watched that interview you did with Dustin Cormier on your YouTube channel. You spoke about some exciting things to come! But you also mentioned Indians using the tropical zodiac before you brought it in. You forgot the names of them in the interview, but I am curious if you perhaps provide info about them or resources about those minority groups using that? 

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Ernst Wilhelm
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THe person who has written a couple of books is Prof. Y. V. Subba Rao, 

he also  uses tropical nakshatras if I remember correctly with asvini starting at the vernal equinox. 

The other group I do not remember. The main proponent of it was a really fanatical person and I don't deal with fanatics even if they are doing the same thing as I am doing so I did not correspond much with him and I don't remember his name.