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Lord in seconed x4

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Dear @ernst

Dear All

Very soon we will have a special combination in the heavens:

Jupiter lord of the 12th sign in the 1st sign

Mars Lord of the 1st sign in the 2nd sign

Venus lord of the 2nd sign in the 3rd sign

Mercury Lord of the 3rd sign in the 4th sign

So we have the 2nd placement 4 times in a row

Any ideas how will this effect a natal chart and/or will it have any mundane effects?

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Hi Ramin,

This question intrigues me, one might assume that it has to do with "resources" both the positive uses and the negative as well. I suppose that will be at the individual level on up to community/country and global? 

Interestingly, both Mars and Mercury ingress into the "2nd placement" Taurus/Cancer within minutes of each other.  At my location at time of the ingresses, the Lagna is Taurus. Also, tried for 1st time to cast a chart from Yamakoti, not sure that I entered the info correctly to get a good chart. If yes, Lagna is Cancer with Me/Su and Me combust. So will be watching to see how this plays out, if anything interesting is noticed at both a personal and mundane level.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Ernst Wilhelm
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when this happens all these planets will have some focus on 2nd house affairs, namely resources and wealth. more significant than that is the influence of the house the planets are in from their mulatrikona sign. THe house the planet is in TOO its own house will be a big influence too. So mars in taurus is second from its MT sign Aries and 7th from taurus. so its about expenses and trade and struggling, mars, to manage expenses. I talk about this method of interpretation in the Character effects of the Grahas course.