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What is the evolutionary purpose of retrograde Venus?

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Venus is currently retrograding through my first house. Sun and Mercury are there too. I have been feeling amazing. My connections and relationships are deepening and my friendships are getting a big upgrade in many ways. This is my first time paying attention to transits in my chart as I just watched the Positional Transits class. I am hoping the lessons I am learning are long lasting shifts even after the transit is done!

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Yes I have definitely been more interested in transits lately. 

This Venus transit is all happening in my 7th house and merc is my 7th lord. I haven't really noticed any change at all in regards to relationships, and I suspect its because I don't have any natal planets in the 7th.

Probably what I am experiencing most is the difficult transit of pluto opposing my natal sun in the 8th, and squaring my natal moon, south node, and north node. 


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In my opinion, venus retro brings an opportunity  to reevaluate what you consider valuable or since stronger because it's closer, those thoughts about what you value are more frequent and in 7th house, would have to do to what you value in your partnerships, business and all 7th house related themes

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