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Abducted and refound baby

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Today at 2PM my partner came home, upset. The newborn son of her nephew had been stolen from the hospital!

Recently, just before 8PM they found it again. One of the uncles is a well-reknown lawyer in the town and was able to make all the necessary moves. A woman had been showing her supposingly newborn baby to her neighbours, who were able to sum things up and called the family. The uncle showed up with the police.

I cast a chart for the moment I knew about the abduction. Seemingly the lagna was the same for the moment of the event itself only 20 minutes I heard about it, so the timing would be the same.

Some observations:

- 2 of Diamonds BC. Moving to a new place...

- Lagna in the Jack of Spades BC. The motherless child, staying alive alone.

- Lagna lord exalted. Nothing bad could happen to this kid at this time.

- 7th cusp in the Saturn card, 8 of Spades. 8 of Spades is, I guess,  the most Saturnian card, "a matter of time". Saturn in the card makes it a good card. Saturn = the police?

- 10th cusp - the authorities, in a very good 10D Venus card; the lord is starved but also proud and delighted in the 10H - "we are family"- Venus card. Rahu - new love, new possible relation casting a shadow, I guess you could say it does....

- The Jupiter card is complex. 10H. Family. They surely acted as one. The dad´s uncle is a lawyer (Jupiter) and acted as one. The woman who stole the baby blended in with the hospital staff. Seems to have been a nurse or a social worker on the hospital. Venus with the 8th cusp? Also the whole family - the Moon, beeing the karaka for relatives - have psychic abilities; 8th cusp. The great grandfather has the capacity of stopping people at a distance and said the boy would be found before 8 o´clock - and so it happened....

- Mainly good avasthas. The Moon is delighted.

What more do you see that I miss?