Falling child dream
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Falling child dream

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A dream again, not an omen manifested in the outer world. I hope it is OK?

I had a heavy energy clash the other day, a conflict and other things. Went to bed early; life granted me a dream about a ceremony with master plants. Very real, like being in a real ceremony, very healing!

A female friend of mine was in the dream, and with her, her daughter. Less than two years old and, in the dream, very small, just 20-25 centimeters high or so. The little girl was extremely active and climbed the rocky walls in the cave where we were sitting. It was obvious that she was going to fall, and so she did - and the mother approached just in time to pick her up in her hands a few inches above the ground. The girl fell backwards, very confidently and uttered the word "mum!" or something like it when she was saved by her mother.

I wonder... I´m a man. Everything in a dream is manifestation of oneself. What could it mean that I see a little girl fall and being picked up by her mother?

Virgo comes to my mind, and the fact that my AK is a virgo Moon? Any other ideas anyone?

Fun fact, perhaps related to it: Next morning I was pedalling a BMX-bike through the town; a jacket got caught in the frontwheel and I was thrown over the handlebars directly into the pavement. Nothing broken though, no real harm done, just an aching body.