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I have been working really hard on some early childhood issues lately. With grandfather tobacco who is a very consistent and conscious healer and also shows you with images in the ashes what´s going on. While working my theme, between the sessions and insights I was caught up in this game on the internet: Infinity Loop. The game present a chaotic puzzle of different-shaped pieces that we have to bring together into a harmonic picture, loops where the energy can kind of flow.

Last Thursday the grandfather tobacco told me that I have kind of healed. Maybe not completely, but a good part of the job has been done. That afternoon I had stopped playing Infinity Loop, I thought 500 levels would be enough. So what happened? As soon as I came home and lay down for a couple of minutes in a bed, I felt ache in my muscles and realized I was turning ill. Here I am three days later, still in the bed. And what is happening? Well, my body is turned off so that my energetical and emotional bodies can reorganize, just as in the game.

Maybe if I hadn´t quit playing, that would have served as a therapy and I wouldn´t have had to get ill. But it doesn´t matter, I´m very grateful for how it turned out. No hurry for a good rebirth!

By the way I´m a 5 of Clubs with an Ace of Spades Moon Card, and the Moon is my AK. My Venus is good too. So I have a special knack for changing skin, I guess.