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Stranded in Nubian Desert

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I was part of a tour group traveling in Egypt and we were in the south part of the country heading to Abu Simbel in the Nubian Desert. During our bus drive there (a four plus hour one way drive), we stopped at a 'coffee stop' that had snacks and bathrooms. There were dogs and stray dogs around. At one point, maybe about 6 or so dogs started having a loud confrontation. I didn't see everything, but saw two dogs running towards the scuffle that lasted about 10 seconds. Then some ran off and it was over. 

I told another person on our tour that would be considered an inauspicious omen according to prasna marga which states when proceeding on a journey, anything that is unpleasant would be considered more inauspicious. 

Once we got to Abu Simbel, we started to get overheated and some people were getting very uncomfortable. Then, on the way back, our bus had diesel fuel spilling all over the engine and it was getting too dangerous. We had to stop back again at that coffee stop in the 105 degree heat and were stuck there until we could get another bus. We couldn't use our bus anymore and had to have another bus come some 2 hours later or so. We were very fortunate to not have anything worse than that or have a breakdown even 1 mile from the coffee stop as it was a very desolate, hot desert...

But it was interesting to witness that dog scuffle and have the proceeding experience.