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Printed Chart Ripped off before Reading

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I was doing a reading recently and was waiting for the woman I was to read for. I had her chart printed out and was sitting in a piazza setting with a cup of tea placed on a corner of her chart (so the printed out chart wouldn't fly away with the wind). My cup was somewhat wet though and when I moved my cup the top corner of the chart ripped off. This part that ripped off had her name as well as part of top left corner of her chart which was her 8th house. 

Her 8th house had Mo/Su in it and Su is her lagna lord. A BIG part of the reading had to do with the Sa transit over these two important planets. She has been going through a long term death/rebirth cycle plus she is 46 so in the middle of ra/ke maturations amongst other difficult aspects. 

I didn't really notice this omen until after the reading where I saw her name was ripped off as well as part of the significant 8th house as this time for her. But it was interesting to see how much this had a sign of what the reading was all about.