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Cycle that started 2015

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anyone who knows more about eclipses, new moons etc..,

Do you know if any cycle started mid 2015 and events that happened then will culminate 2023?



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Hi Kat,

I am by no means someone who "knows more about eclipses", but I have the book often recommended by Ernst and other in-depth astrologer's.  The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady, used for reference of the Saros cycles and eclipses that are recorded by NASA. With the appendix of eclipses from 1900-2050.

For 2015 I see no "NEW" cycles in eclipses or major planetary alignments that would set off a specific culmination in 2023. Of course, an individual will have their own cycles based on MANY factors. Ernst did two YT video's in the fall, regarding eclipses and also an interview. Links below, hope this helps.  LT


Ernst Wilhelm
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There was no new eclipise cycle at that time, the eclpise that year was in september and then march/april. ANother thing that can be very important is a new or full moon right on something in your chart. Every 18.6 years we have the closest new or full moon conjunction to the points in our chart. That can be as powerful as an eclipise in our lives. 18.6 laters they will be another such new or full moon but it will be further away, but carry some of the same themes but not be as powerful as the closest one.