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Dig Bala zero or very low?

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What tends to the Favor Moon Shad Bala zero or very low value in Dig Bala?

In addition to a person's potential, can it also indicate, for example, a relationship with the mother?

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I think a planet with very low/none DigBala cannot guide the person towards fulfillment and there might be regrets in regards to the things it represents and rules. Moon has the lowest DigBala when it's right next to the 10th cusp. Being a planet of receptivity and happiness , it has more directional strength in the 4th house. Being low in Dig Bala, it might not be able to guide the person to change and adapt when necessity calls, or to gracefully roll with the changes and fluctuations all that well. 

As far as the relationship with the mom, yes...it could affect it, but I'd look beyond digbala to determine if so and in what manner.

What are your thoughts?

Ernst Wilhelm
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Low dig bala moon won't take the time to provide for its own needs. This usually will mean an example of a mother who did not provide for her own needs sufficiently, often as a result of doing doing doing for others. 

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@ernst If the Moon is low in Dig Bala (27.3% of required) but high in Cheshta Bala (182.6% of required) will this negate the negative effects of this Moon?