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Length of life predictions

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Hello to all 🖐️ What indicators do you look for in a chart to predict one's length of life? 

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@can I am not sure what is your progress in learning  with Ernst but that is pretty advance courses available on Video site , here is the link , wish you luck


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this is not a simple process/technique. about 2 years ago i wanted to find out my longevity so i followed Ernst's technique as i have a few longevity yogas in my Rasi. You have to find out all the longevity yogas (short, medium and long) and analyze them to see if they are applicable to you. Kala is great as it will give you a list of your longevity yogas, but you still have to analyze them individually. Once you have analyzed the applicable yogas then you should have the number of short, medium and long longevity yogas applicable to your chart. Then you do sort of a trade between them - a short for a long and 2 medium for a long as i recall to find out what you have left. Then that is your length of longevity....