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Hi all,


My name is Dan Hendricks. I'm so excited! I used to be on the yahoo forums, then that went away and turned into yahoo email and then my yahoo email stopped giving me updates so I lost contact with this community. So, I am happy to have found this! I have taken most of these courses years ago, but love to see that there is this wonderful forum now and it looks like it's here to stay!


With that said, I am revisiting a line of research that I've been wanting to do for a long time and now really have the time to focus on. I want to conduct a study of marriage - I want to see what astrological factors are activating the most times during periods of marriage. Of course, we know 9th house, Venus, 7th house, etc as the traditional indicators. But I want to see what is really happening in a large amount of charts. Also, I want to get clear on what are the more reliable astrological methods ie transits, vimshottari, varshaphala, etc. 


But what I need is more data. I probably have about 30 cases of marriage already without lifting a finger. Of course, that includes Ernst and Shrishti. If you feel like you would like to share any info with me, please do not post it here, but send it to me personally. I'm interested in not only marriage, but divorce, charts of the unmarried, multiple marriages, renunciates, failed renunciates, and anything regarding relationships and their history that you'd like to share. Please of course include birth data, preferably of both spouses if possible. If you'd like you can also, include relevant dates like first met, proposal, honeymoon, divorce, periods of difficulty, amazing periods of time, or whatever the case. 

If you're intersted, then please email me here - If you're not interested, then that's ok too! Just don't spam me!  lol





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Ernst Wilhelm
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Hi Dan, good to see you again. Good luck on the research!


Rodica Stefan Huigen
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Hi Dan,

You found back your people.

Mercury retrograde in the 11th? Haha

I will mail you my data. I hope it will help you