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Names of planets and dignities in Sanskrit

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Hi Ernst,

I use Sanskrit extensively in my study of astrology, so I'm used to Sanskrit names for planets. Kaala doesn't offer that customization. Similarly, I used AM for AtiMitra, AS for AtiShatru extensively in dignities, and Kaala doesn't offer that customization on its dignities screens.

It may seem like a small thing, but for the mind to be caught up in doing these little lookup translations all the time is energy sapping, and I'd much rather leave these terminology language issues behind with a few customizations for language.

Would it be possible to consider making these language customizations to Kaala? It would genuinely make things easier for Sanskrit based learners. And it should mean only minor enhancements to the software.

The rest of the software is impressive, I must say. Especially bhaava cusps in charts, combustion and planetary war using the Prime Vertical, among the things I have noticed so far.