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Predicting with transits

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Maybe someone else can answer this, doesn´t have to be Ernst that I believe is quite busy:

1. The full Moon as a trigger/giver. How do we define a full Moon for this purpose? Within the Navamsa? One or two days before it´s climax; something like that?

2. In one person´s chart Jupiter rules the 7th in the rasi, is the DK, rules the lagna in D7 and rules the 7th in the D9. So just by trining (within the Navamsa) the self factor Sun, Jupiter alone should be enough to create a broad activation (and also possibly triggering an event), right?, since it plays all these roles? Oh, the question is about a possible love relationship.


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Ernst Wilhelm
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Moon when within opposite sign or within 24 degrees of opposite sun works as a trigger. 


and yes on question 2.