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Bhakti Of Other Deities

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Is there a planet or pattern of planets that indicate Saraswati as an ishta devata, when examining influences to the 12th from swamsha, 6th from Amk, and 12th from Amk in the vargas? This wasn't mentioned in Jaimini.

I supposed Hanuman is close enough to Shiva as he is an incarnation of Rudra?

What about Jesus?

And Sa and Me are supposed to indicate Vishnu, but wouldn't Rama avatar be more in line with the Sun than the other more versatile and mercurial forms of Vishnu (Narayana, Venkateshwar, Krishna, Jaggannath, etc)?



P.S. I am especially interested in Saraswati indicators, though.

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Amit Bhat
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I also keep thinking about the same.

Hanuman is an avatar of Shiva as Hanuman chalisa says Shankar suvan ( basically it is swayam) kesari Nandan means kesari son Hanuman is himself Shiva.

As per his role though he is primarily a commander of Lord Sri Ram and also called Pavan putra - child of air element which is basically fire element.

So, in my opinion he is a pure Mars being a pure fire/brahmachari and always ready to serve Sri Ram.

Sri Ram I think is a pure Sun.

Jesus should be Jupiter - Brahmin and a perfect combination of Shiva and Shakti.

In Hindu dharma, there are primarily five dieties only one ruling each chakra. Paramahansa Yogananda mentioned in his commentary on Bhagvad Gita like below -

Ganesh ruling muladhara, Shakti/devi ruling Svadhisthana, Surya ruling manipura, Vishnu ruling anahata and Shiva ruling vishuddha.

All dieties are emanating from these five dieties only I think. So, Saraswati could be Gauri represented by Moon while chart having predominantly a flavour of artistic or creative expression as a whole. Moon is musician.


Ernst Wilhelm
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The deity is irrelevant. It's the MODE of growing spiritual that the devas used by Jaimini symbolize. It's not about worshipping a deva or statue, it's about practicing the method symbolized by the deva. Jaimini gives all the methods that yield spiritual realization, find out what a deity represents and if it somehow represents the method indicated by the planet indicated in the chart.