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How to Interpret a Retrograde AK?

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Hi @ernst and everyone,

I'm doing a card compatibility reading for someone who has her Atmakaraka Jupiter retrograde in the sign of Pisces in her 7th house. How do we interpret a retrograde AK in comparison to a non-retrograde planet? Is it just a matter of them having a stronger soul path because of the planet being retrograde, or is there a bit more to it than that? 

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Kam hi,

If It can help you, by Vault of Heavens (p.98-99):

"A few other important points regarding retrograde planets follow:
1. A retrograde planet should be considered powerful, as the
ShaktaAvastha describes, giving its results with great force and its
auspicious results in great measure.
2. All retrograde planets are worse for health than when direct. The
retrograde motion is not vitalizing to the physical organism and
indicates inherently weaker organs.
3. Retrograde planets, when they affect the 7th house or lord, or
when a retrograde planet is the 7th lord, seem to cause less
fulfillment and greater difficulties in relationships. This is
because, in relationships, if you are not moving forward, the
relationship suffers, and with a retrograde planet it becomes more
difficult to move forward.
4. Retrograde planets have more surprises to offer of an unexpected
5. As retrograde planets are closer to Earth they emphasize some
aspect of the natives individuality which is more unique to the
native’s character. A retrograde planet operates in a manner that
is in reverse of, or different from, the collective trend or
mentality, thereby individualizing the native.
6. A retrograde planet is traveling back over a portion of space that
it has just crossed. This emphasizes a more powerful past life
influence with lessons and talents that are of greater importance
to develop and use in this lifetime.
7. Retrograde planets often have the capacity to bring something
that was in use in the past into the present. They are therefore more inclined to prompt interests that are from an older time or
culture than a direct planet.
8. Retrograde planets, from our position on Earth, are going
backwards, but they are actually moving forward around the Sun;
therefore, they are moving the native forward spiritually.


AK is also the body.


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@bhima I can definitely confirm all of this truth as all my planets are retrograde except for Venus and Neptune!

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@mitryendra80 My sister has a similar chart. Everything is retrograde except Venus. Sometimes she's an enigma to me lol

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@bhima Thank you so much for this information! It's very helpful 🙂