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Kemadruma Yoga Jaimini

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Hey everyone ???? 

As we are considering Mercury as neutral (or not malefic) in Jaimini in most Sutras (if i'm not wrong) I'm having doubts about if i've got this Yoga or not, as it really fits me haha, but i also have the Moon seriously ashamed in the 4th..  Let's see!;
Pisces Lagna with Saturn in the 2nd from the Lagna, and Sun with Mercury in the 8th from the Lagna.
I expose it here again because maybe it is useful for somebody; 
For example;

- If from (Sva, Lagna, Pada) we have one malefic planet in the 2nd and one malefic (= equal amount of malefics) in the 8th we've got Kemadruma Yoga. 

- If from (Sva, Lagna, Pada) we have two malefics in the 2nd and 1 malefic and 1 benefic in the 8th we have not Kemdruma Yoga. 

So in my case, as we are not considerin Mercury as a malefic neither as a benefic i get fucked isn't it?  ????


Thankkss ????  

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No Kemadruma as per the rule.. As anything other than equal malefics won't be considered as Kemadruma

And yes, in Jaimini principles, Ernst considers Mercury as benefic

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Thank you @rajan ????