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How to see outer hitting inner planets

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Like how do i see outer planets hitting the moon like you told in the audio course


I already went to the transit section and did

traniting Uranus, Neptune, Pluto 


Natal moon


Isn't that it? I already did that but it's showing weekly hits and you said it happens once a year in ur course am I doing it right?


And what is Sade sati or dhaiya isn't that Saturn nearing moon? I also did Saturn conjuncting Natal moon and it shows alot of hits isn't that like a rare thing or is it something else?


I honestly think it's my lack of knowledge but don't have anywhere else to ask so thanks....


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Sade Sati is saturn in the 12th, first and 2nd from the moon sign. 

maybe you did transiting uranus neptune or pluto conjuct transit moon, double check. If you did to natal moon it will happen just once in the life that these will actually conjunct the moon as uranus takes 84 years to go around the zodiac, neptune 164 and pluto 260 years.