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Dear Mr. Wilhelm, Hi, @ernst

I would like to ask something technical regarding the Jaimini Rasi Dasas, software vs. print pdf. 

When I take a print-pdf from the print menu under the Dasas option, the 1st Maha Dasa of the 2nd set of Rasi Dasas in the printout, is not the same with what is viewed on the software screen. 

In the example (please find attached):

The person has finished her 1st set of Rasi Dasas and with the arrow I move onto the 2nd part of her life.


Her Maha Dasa starts with Gemini in the software, but in the printout-> her Maha Dasa for age 57 is shown as Tau (which was the previous Dasa).


Her Maha Dasa starts with Sag in the software. In the printout age 57 is listed under Sag Maha Dasa, but the Antar Dasas are listed as Sc/Le, Sc/Sc.. (It's repeating the previous Antardasas).

I've checked this with only Caranavamsa and Chatushtaya Dasas-> No problem in the software screen, the calculations are correct. The pdf just doesn't match with the software. 

I just wanted to ask, if there's a mistake I am doing or not? 

Thank you