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Moon Saturn conjunction for men

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Hello All,

Do you have male clients that have Saturn-Moon conjunction?

I would be so much interested to find out about your experiences. For women, it is quite common to be abused (one out of five woman is abused, due to satistics, in one way or another, severely or less severely), but for men, how is it? Verbal abuse? being often slapped on the face or other body parts?

Please give me a few examples that you have had in the past with this conjunction.

Many thanks in advance.



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I have a few male clients with this conjunction. One man was not abused physically but his much younger wife left him after she had a son who developed severe autism. He is now raising the boy alone. 

He was married at the time he met the mother of his child. He left his first wife for the new wife who would eventually leave him.

What I've seen with men with this conjunction is they generally are philanderers, not just this man that I'm referring to. And they tend to go for women who are not available, married or otherwise. There is some obstacle keeping them apart, like a foreign country or such.


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Namaste @agnes

I have a Sc Sun/ Aq Lagna friend who has Sa/Mo conjunction in Aq.  Perhaps it's just his karma but he hasn't had any significant human contact in some time, including hugs.  I'm guessing that this is his 'choice' as he lives in a household of other couples and has a good many people who he can call his friends. 

There is a noted lack of emotional connection with other people which of course he can't see.  Perhaps it's the combust Mars but he can't stop talking about his stories of glory but has little time to listen or inquire about anything except that which he is 'obsessed' into at the moment.  I've attempted to reason with him but he's a true fixed sign and I've not been able to convince him of the 'need' of his change...yet.  

As this person is more than a client but a personal friend, albeit at a distance, I'm quite interested to assist and it has been a long road to getting him to 'believe' in Astrology but I've finally managed to get him to see that there is 'certainly something interesting' going on.  I've more signs of hope in that he's finally to the point where he believes that I can read a person in a chart and has started Bach treatments (again).  

In his youth his parents divorced and while his step father didn't exactly abuse him, he did certainly did withhold important things, such as a bed and door for privacy for several months which forced the client to sleep in the closet on the floor.  This caused a lot of issue with his body which are still with him today.  There was talk of a lot of yelling but no details on physical violence which was likely.  There was a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding as this genius kid is home alone wiring the kitchen outlets with the electricity turned on of course.  He's fine but the parents FREAKED OUT and punished him of course.  Well, his an electrical engineer, and so much more, these days so I guess he managed to survive and learn a bunch in the process!   

While the Mother is quite emotionally distant and quite the narcist it seems.  While his father is physically distant and not able to get through the emotional barriers to his son.  As the father is aging and losing fractalities this likely will not strengthen relations and the mother is too caught up in managing her family fortune and multiple managed properties to see that her son is struggling to pay the rent following the layoff last year!  Mother of the year for sure.    

As I recall the client did run away at a fairly young age but has since made up with his parents both.  During this time of couch surfing he made friends and made himself into a proper man of 30 who is trying hard to figure things out in this world and is a fount of assistance and help to others.  While learning and growing at a rate I've not seen in anyone.  It's quite remarkable and I'm happy just to have a seat in this 'show'.  =)  

I have a lot of hope for this client but it's still a long road to 'recovery' and to getting him fully matured.  He's still got Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu maturations to survive though afterall!