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Venus and manual dexterity

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Hi Ernst and everyone,

First, the Lajjitaadi Avasthas master course is dynamite, the progression explanation took me to a new level of understanding, I feel that it was my missing link to a deeper understanding of the planets. So, thank you!

I have a quick question re: Venus ruling manual dexterity. I always understood that Mercury was in charge of that. Is that fair to say that, while Mercury rules foundational skills in general, and manual skills in particular, Venus rules how we preserve that skill over time? For example, someone may be a highly skilled carpenter (Mercury), but, over time, his skills diminishes and he starts to make some booboo because of an afflicted Venus (and poor lifestyle choices for example).

Thank you!


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Ernst Wilhelm
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manual dexterity is our ability to move. its the grace we move with. the care and control we move with. Mercury is our ability to learn ANY skill or behavior.