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A Toddler's Chart - Virgo - Health and other Concerns

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Hello @Ernst and Friends,

I am sharing the chart of a youngster, and asking for some additional insight and perhaps remedial suggestions. Born: 31 August 2019 in Peterborough, NH, USA @ 03:57, female. Leo lagna. Kala Sarpa yoga with Ra in 12th Cancer and Ketu in Cap joined Sat in 6th house. Virgo is 2nd and FILLED (broken) Su, Mo, Ve, Ma, and Me, 3 starry planets are combust. Jupiter in Sag. Screens attached for quick ref.

Health: As of now child has NOT had any Vax and was breast fed until age 2 +/-. Has had some mild eczema issues and also an issue with enamel hypoplasia (tooth enamel wearing away). She is also very adverse to physical contact from people other than parents, which has caused an extreme issue between the mother and the in-laws. Mother in-law blames childs mother for her not wanting to be close to grandparents and touched/cuddled etc. Most recently the toddler is not wanting to sleep, or waking frequently (mother is exhausted and concerned). 

On another note (maybe should be a separate post?) Just started exploring the ashtakavarga class, when looking at her Sarva *especially the 12th house - HIGH points. Could this also be a part of the sleeping issue, and Karma's the child has to burn. Screen shot for ref.

For remedial gem stone, it looks like an Opal might treat both Rahu in Cancer and support Virgo to an extent. But that Mars is not particularly strong for gems to be most effective. As far as Bach flowers, not sure where to start there.

Thank you for any guidance.


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perhaps Homeopathy would suit this situation?


Lots of planets and self planets agitated in 2nd of immediate family/early childhood. Plus, Mo, Ma, and Me are the natural ages until 12 years old all in 2nd agitated. Plus Ve as well. 

Combust starry grahas make situation worse as Ma, Me, Ve can't function with confidence (or, atleast a harder time doing so). Ma agitated, starved and combust can make a fit here ( I believe). They are in the Ma natural dasha as well. 




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Mother needs to focus on getting healed too.. as 4th lord in bad shape... if she still breastfeeding and in lot of stress means she could be passing cortisol through her milk to the child which can make the baby cranky too. That can also upset babies digestive system. If not stopped yet, she should try to stop the breastfeeding and if done then need to check babies food. Giving baby a lot of juices and oats will help to stay good. Also need to watch any food that can cause troubles. Both need to eat healthy food - fruits and lot of greens or veggies to rid the system from toxins 

Ak in Virgo sign shows issues in itching/irritated and child could have problem with digestive fire too... 




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this is a tough chart because there are so many planets all in one sign and its the second house at that. so in general in a situation like this, the planets you want to focus on are the lagna lord, or the age lord. at two is the age of mars, 1-3 is age of mars. In this case mars is the weaker, so focus on that. all those planets in second are gong to make the child hypersentive to all foods. Even breastmilk that is made from food that is not raw and be irritating. 


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omg.. this is hard. Ta is in good shape in rasi aspects in d-30. seems like they will take good advice on health. Ju ex, Ve MT.. Sa in OH in rasi should help. The problem is he is too young! 

i dont know medical astrology, but i have dealt with a chronic disease and healed from it. i was more inclined towards ayurveda because i didnt have strength to deal with even any minor triggers. i have similar d-30 for ta, except i have Me in Ta, not Cap.

I'm not sure if it helps, but i'l just share the doctor from whom i took treatment via emails; and he did it for free, i paid just for his herbs. and his research is quite scientific https://www.planetayurveda.com/eczema/