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Skin / Mercury or Jupiter

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Hello Ernst, 

Skin issues indicate problems in lungs or digestion, and dermatologist usually focus on topical treatments- but I am wondering if since Mercury rules both of this systems,  the type protein consumed could contribute to melasma or dark spots due to sun exposure?

or maybe it has to do with hormones,  liver and Jupiter food like fats digestion? 

Do you recommend something to treat this from the inside and not just a facial serum?

thank you 😊 

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Ernst Wilhelm
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Skin problems will happen at some point in every pathology because skin is where the body tries to throw out toxins, its one of the cleansers in the body. But skin itself is mercury. Generally, skin acts out in the beginning of a pathalogy, like hives, acne, etc. and then a person suppresses those healing attempts of the body to cleanse itself with medication or anti itch cream and then the disease gets pushed deeper into the organ that is sick.