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hi Ernst and all,

How to determinate when to close (end) a event? I can try to click on Killing and hurting...

do you have to look at the red marks and negative numbers in the muhurta(Kala software)?



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Ernst Wilhelm
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muhurta is the astrology of starting things, not ending, so just let an event end when it ends. 

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so if I have to judge the activities, it closes contracts such as rents or electricity and gas utilities, etc. there is no Muhurta?

I believe that a waning or dark moon can still be propitious for such events and maybe even rashi like Pisces and houses like 12 or 8. Even an ascendant like Saturn.

What do you think about it?

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I buy lot of books, and sometimes I've noticed that if the book is still in an unopened package, the chart of the moment of opening seems to be a little bit important. If the chart at the time of opening the package has a number of undesirable effects, the books tend to be damaged or some page can be completely white.

When I started following the chart of the moment of opening the closed package, things got much better.

But yes, you should definitely at least try to check the process at the beginning so that it is as beneficial as possible for any activity.