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Need help with muhurata for wedding

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Hello everyone!

Is there someone who could help me find a good muhurata for my wedding?

As much as I love astrology, I seem to get stuck when it comes to my own chart and life. Any tips or assistance is welcome and my fiancé and I are willing to pay for good service 😉

Thanks in advance and warm regards


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It comes down to whether or not you and your partner have had sex already. If you have already had sex, it doesn't matter. Your marriage is consummated from the moment you have sex. The sexual act itself is a "marriage" and the fate of the event is bound to the muhurta of that moment. 


If, however, you have not--there remains a point in even asking someone for assistance.

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@everylightifound Thanks a lot for that insight; I never thought about that to be honest. We've already had our first sexual act. Nevertheless I still want a good muhurata for the event of signing the papers and making it 'official' so to speak.

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I would email Ernst and ask which of his students specializes in Muhurta. Otherwise, you can try whatever astrologer you are drawn towards. 

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@noodle If you want I can try to help you. I am not claiming to be an expert but I have searche3d for few Muhurtas for friends and I am willing to help and maybe we find something that feels good for you. I dont want any money. If interested write me on WhatsApp and we can talk about it. My mobile number is 0049 178 3562962. Kind regards