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Question about real estate - land division?

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Hello, the question is about dividing the land.

What should be taken into account in particular if the purpose is to sell a "new" plot after dividing a bigger land?

Can be the possible plot sale price (potential value) affected about muhurta for dividing when bigger landscape has been divided and plot of land for sale was formed?

Land that is made into a separate plot is likely to have a sort of potential value when an independent unit of land is created. New independent landscape have a individual, new Birth Chart.

However, this may indicate some kind of potential for the land to have a reasonable market value and to be built or is something else being done.

What to keep in mind when dividing a land when trying to find a more or less quite normal market value for a new plot of land? What kind of astrological circumstances would definitely be good to avoid?

Choosing a quite good muhurta for dividing land, can be a difficult.

Thank You for any thoughts!