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Void of Course Moon?

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Is there anything detailed mentioned in Vedic astrology about Void of Course (VOC) of the Moon?

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Ernst Wilhelm
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no mention at all in parashara or jaimini or bhrigu ,etc schools that are truly Indian in origin. In tajika, which is persian astrology in India, it is considered. Western astrology is modern watered down persian astrology, so they think of void of course moon however, it needs to be used in the proper context and the proper context is in respect to tajika yogas formed by tajika aspects, which are western aspects. In these aspects if the moon in its motion will in a future date make an exact aspect, the yoga gets fortified. WIthout that ever happening, the yoga is just medicore. When moon is void of course, that never happens, so any aspects made by planets with western aspects are not up to the full potential of the aspect. WEstern astrologers dont know this though, they just say, oh, void of course, oh no. 

but thats just in the context of ONE type of aspect, one way to read a chart. In respect to parashara aspects, jaimini aspects and nakshatra aspects, and so in respect to these schools, it matters not at all. 

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Posted by: @ernst

Western astrology is modern watered down persian astrology

Interesting. I thought Western astrology was modern watered-down Hellenistic (Greek with some Egyptian?) astrology?

I knew Tajjika was Persian. But the only other thing I know of from the Persian tradition is the Sassanian ayanamsa.

What Persian elements are found modern Western astrology?